Azeenarh Mohammed

Azeenarh Mohammed


About Azeenarh Mohammed

Azeenarh Mohammed is a trained lawyer and a queer, feminist, holistic security trainer who spends her time training non-for-profit organisations on tools and tactics for digital and physical security and psycho-social well-being. Azeenarh is active in the queer women’s issues in Nigeria and has written on queerness and technology for publications like This is Africa, Perspectives, and Premium TimesNG.

Twitter is depressing. I'm out!

Look at these people glorifying poverty and suffering. For context, N30.000 is $78.
They want people to LIVE 'comfortably' on $78 a MONTH.
Nah, fuck all of you and your hot takes.

Having a talk with Arit yesterday when it dawned on me that I used to be scum. Like proper scum😭🙆‍♀️

I would ghost girls, not call back, just block & move on after months of talking...
In fact, there is one girl in Berlin that thinks I am dead. But that is a story for another day
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