Queer Men’s Narrative

Queer Men’s Narrative demonstrates that at the heart of it, queer men and straight men are very much alike in how they respond to society’s pressure and definition of what a man should be. The selected narratives show some queer men, like their straight counterparts, hold on to sexism, toxic masculinity and patriarchy as a way to justify their masculinity within a society that prescribes such a role and expectations.

Queer Men’s Narrative challenges society at large to re-think its idea of what being a man entails and what this means for society itself and how such concepts limits men and women’s freedom to be, to live and to understand each other.


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Olumide F Makanjuola is a Sexual Health and Rights advocate with specific interest in LGBT rights. Makanjuola’s work focuses on expanding public knowledge and discourse on queer issues through new and alternative narratives. Makanjuola is an alumnus of the International Visitor Leadership Programs, Associate fellows of the Royal Commonwealth Society, and honoree of Queen Elizabeth II.

Jude Dibia is an author, queer rights advocate, winner of the Ken Saro-Wiwa Prose Prize, and shortlisted for the Nigeria Literature Prize, Common Wealth Prize and the Swedish Natur och Kulture Pris. His debut novel ‘Walking with Shadows’ is the first full length novel devoted to queer issues in Nigeria. Dibia currently lives in Sweden where he works with displaced artists as the administrator of the Malmö City refuge artists’ program (Malmö Fristads Program). He is also working on his next novel.

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