Pub Date May 1st 2008

Nights of the Creaking Bed

by Toni Kan






Book Description

Nights of the Creaking Bed is full of colourful characters involved in affecting dramas: a girl who is rejected in love because she has three brothers to look after; a middle aged housewife who finds love again but has an impossible decision to make; a young man who can’t get the image of his naked, beautiful mother out of his mind; a child so poor he has to hawk onions on Christmas day – and many others. Some, initially full of hope, find their lives blighted by the cruelty of others, or by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or by just not knowing the “right” people.

Corruption, religious intolerance, gratuitous violence, the irresponsible attitudes of some men to their offspring and the importance of joy are some of the big themes that underlie this memorable collection.


About the Author


Toni Kan

Toni Kan is an award winning poet, essayist and short story writer. He is one of Nigeria’s most anthologised young poets and short story writers. Author of the critically acclaimed poetry collection When a Dream Lingers Too Long and the novella Ballad of Rage, his works have appeared in Salthill, Drum Voices, Revue, Farafina, Sentinel Poetry Quarterly and ANA Review.

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Met Daniel today. He's 67 years old. His dad is #Ijaw, his mom English. He's never been to #Nigeria before but remembers his dad, who died 50 years ago, cooking #Egusisoup! Since the he has been cooking egusi. But he eats it with parsnips and strawberries!

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My condolences Zahra. May his soul rest in peace sis

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