In celebration of contemporary art across the continent, an exhibition – SPace – was held in Jo’burg in July 2010. SPace featured 25 artists, 4 art collectives and 6 writers whose work provided creative and intellectual dialogue, which in personal and intimate ways animates imaginative and reflective engagement with social matters and human experiences in contemporary Africa and the Diaspora.

Contributors include Simon Njami, Abebe Zegeye, Bettina Malcomess, Jimmy Ogonga, Raphael Chikukwa and Monica Arac de Nyeko.

As with our pan-African collaboration with Chimurenga (South Africa) and Kwani? (Kenya) in 2012 to produce the imaginary newspaper – The Chimurenga Chronicle – Cassava Republic Press is delighted to continue to collaborate with other African publishers to publish SPace in Nigeria in a limited edition.

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