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Pub Date 25th Feb 2021 UK and May 11th US

In The Palace of Flowers

by Victoria Princewill

Book Description

Set in the opulent Persian royal court of the Qajars at the end of the 19th century, In The Palace of Flowers is an atmospheric historical novel following the lives of two Abyssinian slaves, Jamila, a concubine, and Abimelech, a eunuch. Torn away from their families, they now serve at the whims of the royal family, only too aware of their own insignificance in the eyes of their masters. Abimelech and Jamila’s quest to take control over their lives and find meaning leads to them navigating the dangerous, and deadly politics of the royal court, both in the government and the harem and to the radicals that lie beyond its walls. But have these two slaves found themselves in over their heads?

Love, friendship and political intrigue will set the fate of these two slaves.


About the Author


victoria official

Victoria Princewill FRSA is a historical fiction novelist, whose work is driven by a desire to write forgotten intelligent African women back into our world. Born in the U.K. in 1990 and educated at Oxford and UCL with degrees in literature and philosophy, she is currently working towards a third-degree in Neuroscience. Writing for the Guardian, the London Reviews of Books, n+1, BBC News & more crystallised the extent to which her first love remains fiction. It still feels slightly impossible — as do her many other goals. But Victoria has always sought the impossible. She used to say that within the pursuit lay the art of self-mastery. Nowadays she lives in London and the closest she gets to the pursuit of the impossible (in a pandemic) is attempting to touch the sky from her balcony.

I know the feeling. Or maybe an adjacent one. I’m used to being able to write a lot quickly. Wrote the first draft 120K of In the Palace of Flowers in six months. But then took three months to write a 2K word article this year. 😂 https://t.co/RtA0X7BeAz

First day out taking a long walk since lockdown lifted. Already one man has followed me down a street & approached me because — now really who cares why. For better & clearly worse, London is back.

You’re correct but the loner profile fits with the characterisation — in fact it’s pretty typical of TV detective trope, (single-minded pursuit of the hunt), Gillian Anderson’s character in The Fall comes to mind. He also did have a wife; their marital breakdown was a key plot 1/ https://t.co/1FSfvguv7v
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