Better Never Than Late

Better Never Than Late

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Better Never Than Late charts the unconventional lives and love affairs of a group of Nigerian migrants, making their way in Belgium. The collection is centred around Prosperous and her husband Agu, and the various visitors who gather at their apartment each week. These interconnected stories explore their struggles and triumphs, from unhappy marriages (of convenience or otherwise), to the pain of homesickness, and the tragic paradox in longing to leave Nigeria so that you may one day return to it.


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Chika Unigwe is a Nigerian writer and author of four novels. She earned a PhD from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, for her dissertation entitled “In the Shadow of Ala: Igbo Women Writing as an Act of Righting”. Chika has received a number of awards for her writing, including the 2012 NLNG Prize for Literature, for her novel On Black Sisters’ Street. She is the recipient of a number of fellowships, including the 2014 Sylt Fellowship for African Writers. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Better Never Than Late



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