Pub Date June 2nd 2020

A Bouncy 123

by Sade Fadipe & Shedrach Ayalomeh


Book Description

Join Adanah and her friend Kolade as they go running around their village in this fun 123 adventure book!

This colourful picture book set in Nigeria captures the fun of playing outdoors, as Adanah and Kolade chase two bouncy tyres around their village, clambering over rocks and encountering spiders and more!

Written in a fun bouncing style, children will learn to count while having fun as they join Adanah and Kolade’s adventure.


About the Author


Sade Fadipe

Sade Fadipe is a school teacher and has taught in primary schools in Nigeria andEnglandFrom 2006-2010, Sade workedin Abuja, Nigeria, on a reading initiative forNigerian public primary schools.Shetrained teachers on the use of fiction booksand helped create class-based readingcorners, to enhance early reading.Shecurrently lives and teaches in Essex, and ishappily married with two daughters, whoare her constant inspiration

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