About Sade Fadipe

Sade Fadipe is a school teacher and has taught in primary schools in Nigeria and England. From 2006-2010, Sade worked in Abuja, Nigeria, on a reading initiative for Nigerian public primary schools. She trained teachers on the use of fiction books and helped create class-based reading corners, to enhance early reading. She currently lives and teaches in Essex, and is happily married with two daughters, who are her constant inspiration.

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  • A Fun ABC

    Join Adanah on an alphabetical adventure as she goes to visit her grandfather in Modakeke, Nigeria. Every letter, from A to Z, is featured in this African alphabet book, including C for a camera to take pictures, E for an eagle spied above the trees, P for a pump for fetching water, and S for stories told by Auntie Sumbo.

    Adana recalls with excitement a memorable experience at her Granddad’s village and the relaxed pace of rural life compared to the hustling city that she lives in. Her audience is her best friend Zainab, to whom she extends an invite to join her, when next she returns.

    Written in a bouncing rhyming style, children will learn while having fun as they join Adanah on her school holiday adventure!

    The book is geared towards a reading age of 4-7 and the characters are positive models for the African culture, food and way of life.

    Author: Sade Fadipe | Print ISBN: 978-1911115151 | Format: Picture Book | No. of Pages: 32pp | Pub. Date: June 2016