Everything you need to know about buying El Nathan’s Born on a Tuesday

1. Where can I find Elnathan John’s Born On A Tuesday (BOAT) in Nigeria?

  • You can order the book from https://cassavarepublic.biz/product/boat/ and it will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere you are in Nigeria.
  • You can use local visa or mastercard to make payment, as well as Paypal
  • It takes 3 – 5 working days for you to receive your order
  • You can also buy the book from these bookshops https://cassavarepublic.biz/store-locations
  • If there are no bookshops listed in your state, then please order online. Or you can help us by asking a good bookshop in your state to stock our books and let us know about them and we’ll contact them.

2. Can it be purchased as an e-book on Amazon, the iBooks store or elsewhere?

  • Yes, but not until April 2016

3. Will BOAT be sold globally?

  • Yes, it will be available outside of Nigeria from April 2016, including Europe, the USA and other African countries.

4. How much should a copy cost in Nigeria?

  • The suggested retail price is N2,500

5. Can the book be delivered to me?

  • Yes, if you order from our website the book will delivered to you within 3 – 5 working days after order anywhere in Nigeria.

6. Is there an e-book version available?

  • The e-book version will be available from April 2016

7. Where can I find Cassava Republic’s bookstore?

  • 62a Arts & Craft Village, opposite Sheraton Hotel, Abuja

8. Why is there a shortage of copies?

9. Will it be available at libraries?

  • It will be available in libraries that have ordered it.

10. How can I get it stocked at my local bookstore?


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