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About the Ambassadorship Program
Cassava Republic Press books are in great demand throughout Nigeria, however, we don’t have enough people to meet the demand. And so, we’re looking for ambassadors to spread the Cassava Republic message and sell our books across campuses and their community. You can help Cassava Republic get maximum distribution to meet these needs by representing us in your school or community.
Our ideal ambassador is engaged with our brand, is a natural salesperson, can connect us to communities around their campus as well as online and can provide us with insightful feedback so we can innovate and grow. Everything we do starts with authentic relationships. That’s why each ambassadorship begins locally, within campuses. When you’re an ambassador, you’re not just a partner, you’re an extension of our brand.

Why Join
Becoming a publisher’s ambassador is a very rewarding experience as you can decide to do it alongside your current job or study. This gives you the chance to make a good income and distribute our books to thousands of waiting public. AND it won’t cost you a kobo to start, except determination and willingness to make a lot of money.


  • Our ambassadors earn a percentage (usually between 10% to 15%) of every book they sell.
  • For ambassadors interested in other parts of the book publishing industry, every year, one high performing  ambassador will get the chance to intern with us within our various departments.
  • We provide tools and resources for our ambassadors to grow their own personal projects.
  • We give exclusive invites to events, including our book launches.

Cassava Republic has built a reputation of publishing quality fiction and non-fiction titles that have gone on to be bestsellers. Our titles speak for themselves, all you need to do is amplify their existence!

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