When Art Worlds Collide

The build up to 2023 was set with acquisitions and announcements of forthcoming projects from the Art world, sparking much anticipation. With the growing interest in “African art” over the past few years across music, TV, and film, came funding, talent development, global platforms and of course, more art, setting the tone for projects to be rolled out in the year.

While we stay in our publishing lane, we like to look over our shoulder for what art producers are churning from the African continent. In the world of TV and film, crime, and mystery stories are taking centre stage. Whether it’s Crime and Justice: Kenya and Lagos on Showmax, Netflix South Africa’s Unseen, or the recent release of, Gangs of Lagos on Amazon Prime, these stories reveal the inner workings of the seedy underbellies of society.

As you binge these, we invite you to visit our world of crime fiction. Think police, murders, political scandals, sex workers and more. Set in Lagos, the Amaka Thriller Series (Easy Motion TouristWhen Trouble Sleeps and Unfinished Business) by Leye Adenle makes a good introduction to #NaijaNoir as the beloved protagonist, Amaka Mbadiwe finds ways to outwit her adversaries. Toni Kan’s The Carnivorous City draws readers in to pulsing Lagos, where Abel navigates the city’s murky waters in search of his missing brother. Travel through some of Africa’s bustling cities in Noir Series, with short stories from Accra to Addis AbabaLagos, and Nairobi. Plunge in to our backlist with the Vee Johnson Mystery Series (The Lazarus Effect and The Score) by Liberian writer, H.L. Golakai.

Beyond the hard-hitting action, fast pace, suspense, and entertainment, these stories unravel the many layers of society, and whether directly or indirectly, crime fiction ignites a much needed conversation on societal structures. Put on your detective hat and get lost in these gritty stories that will keep you flipping those pages in anticipation of what comes next.

Which crime book have you enjoyed recently?

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