We are sure you’ll agree with us when we say community sits at the core of our existence as humans. The sense of belonging to a group, sharing common beliefs and values (yet allowing for the difference within) or working towards a common goal can lead to significant progress and much fulfilment. Remember the feeling of satisfaction you had when you completed a successful project at work or school?

The concept of collective work for the great good is expressed through language and embodied in everyday life across the world,  whether it be “tequio” in Mexico, “ubuntu” in South Africa, “mutirão” in Brazil, “lumbung” in Indonesia or “auzolan” in Basque Country. Last year, we collaborated with eight other publishers to publish Lumbung Stories, an anthology of stories exploring collective work. In this powerful collection, seven writers – Azhari Aiyub, Cristina Judar, Nesrine A. Khoury, Mithu Sanyal, Panashe Chigumadzi, Uxue Alberdi, and Yásnaya Elena Aguilar Gil – invite readers into their exploration of this concept. From speculative essays and experimental texts to intimate stories, this collection highlights the ties that unite us all. Lumbung Stories is a true testament to communal action.

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