The Hundred Wells of Salaga Kindle


Aminah lives an idyllic life in the village of Botu, until she is brutally separated from her home and forced on a journey that will turn her from a daydreamer into a resilient woman. Wurche, the wilful daughter of a chief, is desperate to play an important role in her father’s court at Salaga-Kpembe.

The lives of these two remarkable women converge in a tumultuous meeting that takes them from mistress and slave to unlikely allies, as Aminah and Wurche find themselves tangled in a web of desire, jealousy, political intrigue and illicit affairs. Meanwhile, infighting among Wurche’s people threatens to leave the region exposed to powers much larger than themselves.

The Hundred Wells of Salaga explores the depths of female friendship in this stirringly intimate reimagining of life in pre-colonial Ghana. This captivating novel establishes Ayesha Harruna Attah as one of the most distinctive voices of the contemporary literary scene.

Author: Ayesha Harruna Attah | Print ISBN: 978-1911115519 | E-Book ISBN: 978-1911115526 | Format: Flapped paperback | No. of Pages: 234 | Pub. Date: UK: 8th May 2018 | Pub. Date: Nigeria: 8th July 2018

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