Clever Squirrel and the Great Wedding Contest

Clever Squirrel and the Great Wedding Contest

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Clever Squirrel and Beautiful Gazelle are in love with each other and determined to get married. But Gazelle’s father wants a better husband for his daughter than the poor, never-do-well trickster. So he has decided to hold a contest and whoever can answer his riddle will have his daughter’s hand in marriage. Now Squirrel has to face down challenges from rich Tortoise, vain Snake, handsome Zebra, talkative Parrot and the strong and mighty Rhinoceros. Will Squirrel manage to outsmart the competition? A funny, engaging retelling of a beloved Hausa folktale from the author of Butterfly and Other Poems, My First Book of Rhymes and Animals in the Neighbourhood. Author: Yusuf Adamu | Print ISBN: 978-9784894364 | Format: Picture Book | No of Pages: 32 |  Publication Date: December 2013

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About the Author
Yusuf M Adamu

About Dr. Yusuf M. Adamu

Dr. Yusuf M. Adamu is an Associate Professor and Medical Geographer at the Department of Geography at Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria. He writes in both Hausa and English.His Hausa works include Kwaryar Kira, a Hausa anthology of short stories he co-edited, as well as various plays. His English works include poetry collections and three children’s books: Butterfly and Other Poems, My First Book of Rhymes and Animals in the Neighbourhood.

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