About Lola Shoneyin

Stylesubstancesoul.com, an online site dedicated to women interested in philanthropy, is paying homage to Africa with tributes from some of its top writers.

As part of its “Mama Africa” week, it interviewed Lola Shoneyin, author of “Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives.”

Read the full interview here. To grab your copy, go to www.cassavarepublic.biz

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Never forgotten. Forever loved.
I miss you so much, Binyavanga.
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  • Mayowa and The Masquerades

    Mayowa is unhappy because he has been told he will be visiting his grandmother in Ilisan. When he gets there, grandma pairs him up with the ever-hungry, fun- loving Denuyi. Together, they explore the town and all its wonders. By the time he returns to Lαgos, Mαyowa learns that there is more to life than computer games…

    Author: Lola Shoneyin | Print ISBN: Nigeria: 978-9784851886 | Print ISBN: UK: 978-1911115144 | Format: Picture Book | No of Pages: 32 |  Pub Date: Nigeria: 2010 | Pub Date: UK 2016

  • The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives

    For a polygamist like Baba Segi, his collection of wives and a gaggle of children are the symbol of prosperity, success and validation of his manhood. Everything runs reasonably smoothly in the patriarchal home, until wife number four intrudes on this family romance.

    Bolanle, a graduate amongst the semi-literate wives, is hated from the start. Baba Segi’s glee at bagging a graduate doesn’t help matters. Worse, Bolanle’s arrival threatens to do more than simply ruffle feathers. She’s unwittingly set to expose a secret that her co-wives intend to protect, at all costs.

    Lola Shoneyin’s light and ironic touch exposes not only the rotten innards of Baba Segi’s polygamous household in this cleverly plotted story; it also shows how women not educated or semi-literate, women in contemporary Nigeria can be as restricted, controlled and damaged by men – be they fathers, husbands, uncles, rapists – as they’ve never been.

    Author: Lola Shoneyin | Print ISBN: 978-9784851800  | Format: 123 x 197mm | No. of Pages: 245 | Pub Date: 2010