About Hawa Jande Golakai

“Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Hawa Jande Golakai spent a vibrant childhood in Liberia. After the civil war in 1990 she bounced around the continent. Having lived in several countries she considers herself a modern-day nomad and cultural sponge.

Hawa is currently a laureate of the Africa39 Project, celebrating 39 of the most promising contemporary authors under the age of 40 on the continent. She enjoys performing autopsies and investigating peculiar medical cases for her storylines. In addition to writing, she works as a medical immunologist and health consultant. She lives between Monrovia and anywhere else she finds herself.”

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Becuz of Covid, PreK & kinderg schools closed or opened patchily. My son's school called: they'r closing. No prior notice. All schools open in 3wks. No spaces. WE BEEN HOMESCHOOLING BY FORCE FOR 2 YEARS.

I shall now retire to my chambers to weep. #Liberia

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  • The Score

    In this fabulous follow-up to the internationally acclaimed The Lazarus Effect, newspaper reporter Vee Johnson reprieves her role as Cape Town’s most feisty female investigator. Vee and her ever-faithful sidekick, Chlöe Bishop, have been banished from City Chronicle’s newsroom to review a tourist lodge in sleepy Oudtshoorn. But Vee and Chlöe are barely checked in to their rooms when the first body is discovered… hanging from a tree, with Vee’s purple silk scarf used as a noose. But is it suicide or strangulation? As Vee investigates the death, she is pulled into a bewildering world of conferences and corruption, dog-walking and drug addiction, break-ins and black    economic empowerment. And all this whilst juggling the two men in her love life.

    The Score is a unique combination of sex, intrigue and subterfuge, set against the fading colours of the Rainbow Nation.

    From £2,400.00
  • The Lazarus Effect

    Voinjama Johnson is an investigative journalist for the Cape Town magazine Urban. Her life is a mess and Vee’s been seeing things: a teenage girl in a red hat that goes hand-in-hand with the debilitating episodes she is loath to call ‘panic attacks’.

    When Vee spots a photo of the girl from her hallucinations at a local hospital, she launches an investigation, under the pretext of writing an article about missing children. With the help of her oddball assistant Chloe Bishop, she’s soon delving into the secrets of the fractured Fourie and Paulsen families. What happened to Jacqui Paulsen, who left home two years ago and hasn’t been seen since?

    The Lazarus Effect is a gripping new addition to the African crime genre from a talented debut author.

    Author: H.J. Golakai | Print ISBN: 978-1911115083 | E-book ISBN: 978-1911115090 | Format: Paperback | No of Pages: 358 | Pub Date: May 2016