Chitra Nagarajan is a journalist, writer and activist who works to promote peace and advocates for human rights. She focuses her writing on climate change, conflict, feminism, foreign policy, migration, Nigeria and the wider Lake Chad region, race and sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.


Chitra Nagarajan has written on these areas for  The Guardian, New Humanist, New Internationalist, This is Africa and Ventures Africa, as well as appearing on Sky News and the BBC World Service.


In addition to this, she has worked in China, Guinea, Liberia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United Kingdom and the United States over the last 15 years. However, has now turned her focus to civilian protection, conflict mitigation, climate security, and building peace.  Chitra Nagarajan seeks to combat ableism, ageism, class privilege, heteronormativity, racism, sexism, discrimination against people with non-normative sexual orientations and gender identities and all other forms of injustice and prejudice.


As well as co-editing the novel She Called Me Women, Chitra is on the editorial collective of the academic journal, Feminist Dissent.

"Just to survive in Nigeria, it’s too much. Everything is working against you. Be it no light, no roads, few jobs, bad water. Then, on top of that, we have to beg that the police don’t harass or kill us." #EndSARS

"Many of us are still paying the price, but ultimately we have built the confidence to engage fearlessly with the state...We also now understand the true cost of the society we want to build" #EndSARS

"It requires that we transform how we understand the history of the last six centuries and, specifically, of Africa’s central role in making possible nearly everything that is today familiar to us."

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