Anambra State. She studied Law at the University of Abuja and then wrote her novella, Black Sparkle Romance in 2014. Then published her second collection of short stories in 2016, Son of Man. Amara Nicole work has been mentioned in The Guardian Uk and AfricaOkay Africa and Brittle Paper

As well as writing, Amara Nicole enjoys painting and listening to opera. One of her life-long dreams is to bungee-jump from the Victoria Falls, but for now she is settling for hiking up the hill near her house. She loves cupcakes, green tea and her tabby kitten, Timber.

  • Black Sparkle Romance

    Mira is ambitious and creative but she’s stuck as a PA to the ruthless editor of fashion magazine Black Sparkle. A string of disastrous dates threatens to put her off men forever. And then she crashes into the Mercedes of tiger-eyed Dominic. Mira’s luck changes when she’s promoted to assistant editor, but Dominic is the photographer for her first edition in charge. Sparks fly as the creative energy of two talented individuals fuels a heady mix of fear and desire.