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"[Easy Motion Tourist] is a great novel about a horrifying place that was all new to me, and will surely resonate as all new to most British readers. It’s shocking, it’s funny, it’s a vaulting jackal of a book that rips out your throat… and your heart. This book roils, rages, and roars. Leye Adenle has my vote for crown prince of crime writers in the UK.– James Ellroy“Spectacular - Adenle is crime fiction's best new voice for years.”– Lee Child</P“Fast and furious, told from a kaleidoscope of different points of view, it’s a rollercoaster ride through a world of extremes, where everything is up for grabs.”  - The Guardian“Gritty, gripping, and hard to put down, Easy Motion Tourist delves into the dark side of Lagos, with a narrative structure that feels fresh and an incredibly immersive atmosphere. A welcome twist on the contemporary thriller.”  -The Crime Review“With cocaine-fuelled shoot-outs, dangerous seductions, and devastating secrets, Easy Motion Tourist is a suspenseful, delightful, and thought-provoking read.”- Papertrail podcast“From luxurious hotel rooms to the gutters of Lagos, Easy Motion Tourist presents an uneasy, brutal metropolis where only the toughest survive. But among the ruthless violence and corruption there are rays of light, and Easy Motion Tourist offers an intriguing ending which might mean a promising sequel.”- Cape Times“The plot is tight and seamless on this romance with the mean streets of Gidi, and Mr. Adenle’s lean, gritty prose conjures the shade of Cyprian Ekwensi, one of the pioneers of Nigerian literature and the master chronicler of Lagos in the sixties.”- Brittle Paper“A crime story woven into the fabric of Lagos… The moments of intense suspense are, however, balanced with the right amount of humour. Not for once did it feel like there was anything missing”- The Book Banque“This is the modern crime novel you’ve been looking for. It’s a pearler of a debut. Go on, get lost in Lagos with Amaka and Guy.”- Johannesburg Review of Books“The novel is a wild read, surging back and forth from seedy underbellies to the equally threatening halls of wealth and power with uncompromising speed”Hank Stephenson, bookseller, Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill, N.C., in Shelf Awareness“Leye, explores the city of Lagos through the eyes of Guy, Amaka, and the criminals Catch-Fire, Go-Slow, Chuks and Knockout. In the weaving of their different individual stories, he builds up the interconnectedness in the characters with an easy flow that makes the book a page turner.”- Olisa TV

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Easy Motion Tourist is a compelling crime novel set in contemporary Lagos. It features Guy Collins, a British hack who stumbles into the murky underworld of the city. A woman’s mutilated body is discarded by the side of a club near one of the main hotels in Victoria Island. Collins is a bystander and is picked up by the police, as a potential suspect. After experiencing the unpleasant realities of a Nigerian police cell, he is rescued by Amaka, a Pam Grier-esque Blaxploitation heroine with a saintly streak. As Collins discovers more of the darker aspects of what makes Lagos tick – including the clandestine trade in organs – he also slowly falls for Amaka. Little do they realise just how much organ trafficking is wrapped up in the power and politics of the city. The novel features a motley cast of supporting characters, including a memorable duo of low-level Lagos gangsters: Knockout and Go-Slow. Easy Motion Tourist pulsates with the rhythms of Lagos and entertains from beginning to end.

A modern thriller featuring a strong female protagonist, prepared to take on the Nigerian criminal world on her own.

Author: Leye Adenle | Print ISBN: 978-1911115069 | E-Book ISBN: 978-1911115076| Format: Paperback | No of Pages: 332 | Pub Date: 1st April 2016

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    Leye Adenle

    Leye Adenle is a Nigerian writer. He has written a number of short stories and flash fiction pieces. Leye has appeared on stage in London in plays including Ola Rotimi’s Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again. He comes from a family of writers, the most famous of whom was his grandfather, Oba Adeleye Adenle I, a former king of Oshogbo in South West Nigeria. He lives in London.

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