Christie Watson trained as a nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital and worked for over ten years as a children’s nurse before writing. She has a Masters of Arts in Creative Writing at University of East Anglia, and is a winner of the Malcolm Bradbury Bursary.

Christie lives in South London with her Nigerian Muslim partner, and their large dual heritage, multi-faith family. She reads widely and she writes every day, even on Christmas.

Click here to watch Christie Watson being interviewed on the BBC’s Meet the Author show.

For all my neglected friends and family thank you for loving - and putting up with - a writer. Book five first draft is finally delivered! My Quilt is On Fire 🔥

Looking forward to chatting with @kaitborsay on @TimesRadio at midnight. About 3 hours past my bedtime these days 😅

Thank you @EAnionwu for this beautiful proof. Sunday of dreams reading this #dreamsfrommymother

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