Ayodele Olofintuade is a writer, teacher and editor. She is passionate about children. Her books are inspired by stories told to her as a child by her grandfather. She lives in Ibadan with her husband, two children and a cat.

Our nation belongs to its people of all beliefs and religion, sexuality, gender identity, disabilities, ethnicities. Our nation will be rebuilt on justice, redistribution of wealth. What you are describing is totalitarianism. It will never happen. https://t.co/TYCNyHhb6r

Anyone who thinks you've 'fallen short' or that you're not inherently worthy holds you in contempt.

Tbh the Mary Slessor story is smelling more and more like bullshit tbh. https://t.co/TKswESM3f2
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5 women born in Congo sued Belgium for crimes against humanity after they were kidnapped from their Black mothers during colonial rule.

Belgium forced 20,000 mixed-race children into foster care during colonial rule, calling them "children of shame" and denying many citizenship. https://t.co/Cc9zEAL5aC
  • Eno’s Story

    Eno lives happily with her father, until one day he disappears in an accident. Her uncle says that she is a “witch” who has caused her father’s death. She goes through many struggles before moving in with other children who have also been called “witches” and have been sent away from home.

    This moving story, with moments of humour and sadness, shows how Eno uses courage and her imagination to make the best of a difficult situation. Young readers will be gripped while also learning about how an organisation such as Stepping Stones Nigeria can help children in Eno’s situation.

    Author: Ayodele Olofintuade | Print ISBN: 979-89789037520 | Format: 149 x 203mm | No of Pages: 48 | Pub Date: 2010