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“Yemisi Aribisala is a writer and a lover of good food. She has written about Nigerian cuisine for over seven years for 234Next, Chimurenga Chronic and on her blog

Her essays on food are a lens through which the complex entity of Nigeria is observed. Yemisi has written essays on various topics including feminism, Nigerian Christianity and identity.”

These beauties just arrived now-now. Available to buy here....

Akin Adesokan’s fantastic essay... again...

Hesitant to retweet my own article published 15 years ago until I saw a video of Ghanian ‘pastor’-Sylvester Ofori who shot his wife 7 times at her workplace. Last year it was an equally brazen West African god of men with an appetite for rape. Shame!
BlackStudies at Duke @DukeAAAS
Yemisi Aribisala @yemisiAA -- Nigeria’s Superstar Men Of God:
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