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About Toni Kan

Toni Kan is an award winning poet, essayist and short story writer. He is one of Nigeria’s most anthologised young poets and short story writers.

Author of the critically acclaimed poetry collection When a Dream Lingers Too Long and the novella Ballad of Rage, his works have appeared in Salthill, Drum Voices, Revue, Farafina, Sentinel Poetry Quarterly and ANA Review.

Oh wow..may his soul rest in peace
Lamide @RevDrCraig
Hi papa,
It's been 12 years...
I'll be 40 soon,
I am holding the fort
Chidinma is 2 going on 12
She has your laugh.
Aisha talks about you
all the time,
Ollie joined you in April
He fought well
Kenny beat the Cancer.
Temi is wining!

We miss you, we love you.

These lines are hot. ezigbo ose.

The stairs
sit between eight rooms,
with the echo of your heartbeat
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