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About Sade Fadipe

Sade Fadipe is a school teacher and has taught in primary schools in Nigeria and England. From 2006-2010, Sade worked in Abuja, Nigeria, on a reading initiative for Nigerian public primary schools. She trained teachers on the use of fiction books and helped create class-based reading corners, to enhance early reading. She currently lives and teaches in Essex, and is happily married with two daughters, who are her constant inspiration.

Congratulations @BibiBakareyusuf Great passion! #cassavarepublic #publishers #Africa
AfricanStudiesUK @ASAUK_News
The @ASAUK_News 2020 Distinguished Africanist Award goes to @BibiBakareyusuf, founder of @CassavaRepublic Press, public intellectual and creator of better futures. Publishing is the primary tool through which she enacts and personifies the change that she wishes to see.

My magical✨ interview @jedliemagic on my magical books ✨ #A Visit to Grandad, Snowy Joy and A Fun ABC. Looking for #African in contemporary stories #ChildrensBooks

Check out this review from @wakingbraincells not every book speaks of the African continent so vibrantly! Visit the mother of continents with a copy of A VISIT TO GRANDAD. 32 page - illustrated and enhanced with bouncy rhymes! #cassavarepublic #BlackLivesMatter #blackbooks
Tasha Saecker - Waking Brain Cells @tashrow
Review: A Visit to Grandad: An African ABC by Sade Fadipe
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