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About Sade Fadipe

Sade Fadipe is a school teacher and has taught in primary schools in Nigeria and England. From 2006-2010, Sade worked in Abuja, Nigeria, on a reading initiative for Nigerian public primary schools. She trained teachers on the use of fiction books and helped create class-based reading corners, to enhance early reading. She currently lives and teaches in Essex, and is happily married with two daughters, who are her constant inspiration.

Danni Blechner today I sat through, and became vulnerable to a wonderful group of artists at Writtle Portrait Studio. One lesson learnt is 'there is an art to find the mind's construction on the face'. Contrary... https://t.co/iOcGMtDyOt

Can a fraction of tax payers' money go towards securing train tracks: limiting access to... and reducing
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Well doneTomi Adetayo! We need to celebrate the positivite energy our men bring to the narrative! Congratulations as you debut your movie in 2 days time! https://t.co/lr1ZasO5Z0