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About Sade Fadipe

Sade Fadipe is a school teacher and has taught in primary schools in Nigeria and England. From 2006-2010, Sade worked in Abuja, Nigeria, on a reading initiative for Nigerian public primary schools. She trained teachers on the use of fiction books and helped create class-based reading corners, to enhance early reading. She currently lives and teaches in Essex, and is happily married with two daughters, who are her constant inspiration.

What an awesome time at the V&A Museum of Childhood with MC Dee Lana introducing Snowy Joy.

Watch This Space for more footage!

It's not every day Adanah (main character - A Fun ABC) let's me dogsit her pet. But today was very special! @redbridgelibrary, with one fan, oh my! Letting go of Tobby was heartbreaking. A fun ABC is the perfect BHM book for 3-7yr olds #BlackHistoryMonth
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