On Ajayi Crowther Street



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On the noisy Ajayi Crowther Street in Lagos, neighbours gather to gossip, discuss noise complaints, and faithfully head to church each Sunday. But beneath the surface lies a hidden world of clandestine love affairs, hidden pregnancy, spiritual quackery and hypocrisy, that threatens to destroy the community from within.

On Ajayi Crowther Street peels back the curtains on the lives of Reverend Akpoborie and his family, to reveal a tumultuous world full of secrets and lies. His only son, Godstime, is struggling to hide his sexuality from his parents whilst his daughter Keturah must hide the truth of her pregnancy by her pastor boyfriend to preserve her and her family’s image. But it is the Reverend himself who hides the darkest secret of them all, as his wondering eye lands on Kyauta, their young live-in maid.

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Nice to see The Economist’s @1843mag giving my book #BecomingNigerian a shout out. Out in July in the UK/Europe. Available already in Nigeria/West Africa from @CassavaRepublic

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Alaba Onajin is a published Freelance Cartoonist and Illustrator, currently based in Ondo, Nigeria. His work includes Anike Eleko, a children’s comic book on girls’ education and other art collaborations with UNESCO on the Role of Women in African History Project.

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#YoungNLegit: #TheEagle Pick for the Week - @AlabaOnajin a comic book illustrator, and the author/illustrator of Anike Eleko, a children's comic book on girls' education in Africa. He is a traditional, pencil and ink artist, whose colour illustrations are done digitally. https://t.co/e1JVgEkOmg

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