Ngozi Comes to Town

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Margaret and Philipʼs best friend is Ngozi, the old train that sits near the station. But when the factory closes, they have to leave town with their Mummy. Then something magical happens and Ngozi is brought back to life.

This heart-warming story of a train who gets back on the tracks highlights the Millennium Development Goal of ending extreme poverty and hunger. Once again, Ngozi can carry food to those who need it, helping everyone in the process.

Author: Fatima Akilu | ISBN: 978-978-48943-1-9 | No of Pages: 32 |  Publication Date: 2008

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Categories : Children

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Fatima Akilu is a Forensic Psychologist specializing in the treatment of offenders with developmental and psychiatric disorders. She has lived on three continents, namely Europe, America and Africa working with the most vulnerable. In addition to writing children’s books, she has a weekly radio show where she discusses psychological issues.