Pub Date 16th Feb 2021 UK and US

In The Palace of Flowers

by Victoria Princewill

Book Description

In The Palace of Flowers is an atmospheric historical novel about Jamila, an Abyssinian slave, whose fear of being forgotten, of being irrelevant, sets her and Abimelech, a fellow slave and a eunuch, on a path to find meaning, navigating the dangerous and deadly politics of the royal court. Princewill vividly recreates the court of the Iranian Shah in the 1890s, a precarious time of growing public dissent, foreign interference from the Russians and British, and the problem of an ageing ruler with an unsuitable heir. Love, friendship and the bitter politics within the harem, the court and the Shah’s sons and advisors will set the fate of these two slaves.


About the Author


Victoria Princewill

Victoria Princewill (Manchester, 1990) is a British-born management consultant-turned-writer. Educated at Oxford and UCL, with a BA in English and MA in Philosophy, her work on race and contemporary culture has been published by the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent, the London Review of Books and n+1 magazine. She co-founded a TEDx series whilst a student, and in her spare time she attends philosophy salons.

People probably danced *quite literally* on the graves of black slaves at their wedding. (Now that white media thinks racism is uncool as opposed to edgy and bold, they’re publicly sorry and ashamed. Just go away, please.)

Now that even white media says it’s not cool to reinforce, erase or whitewash systemic racism they suddenly feel bad. How wrapped in white privilege must you be that a plantation does not seem like a distasteful place to have a wedding?
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