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Hela introduces young readers to the remarkable story of story of Henrietta Lacks, an African American woman whose cancer cells revolutionised medical science. This book charts Henrietta’s life, from her upbringing in Virginia through to the births of her five children, before she passed away aged 31 from cervical cancer. Henrietta’s cells lived on, taking from her tumour while she was undergoing surgery without her knowledge, leading to the discovery of the first ‘immortal cell line’, and giving Henrietta the name ‘the mother of modern medicine’.


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Author Dawne Allette

Author Dawne Allette, a native of Grenada, West Indies, has written a number of children’s picture books that are noted for their inspiration, lyricism and humour. She has lived in Britain and Iran and now resides in Baltimore, USA. She teaches creative writing and is a literacy programme facilitator for Baltimore Public Schools. She is also a journalist for the Baltimore Timesnewspaper.

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