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Elnathan John is a Nigerian novelist and writer, and one of Nigeria’s most well-known satirists. He has twice been shortlisted for the prestigious Caine Prize for African Writing (2013 & 2015).

His writing has been published in Per Contra, Evergreen Review and Chimurenga’s The Chronic. He is a 2015 Civitella Ranieri Fellow and lives in Abuja, Nigeria.

Nice to see The Economist’s @1843mag giving my book #BecomingNigerian a shout out. Out in July in the UK/Europe. Available already in Nigeria/West Africa from @CassavaRepublic

Walked to the EU election polling unit near my house. Boring. No thugs. No ballot box snatching. No queues. No party agents. No vote buying. They don’t even defend their vote. Nothing to see. I yawned. And went home. #WhereAreTheIrregularities #IsItAnElectionIfThereAreNoGunshots