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Nights of the Creaking Bed is an unflinching look at life and lust in Lagos. This collection is filled with memorable characters in affecting dramas: a young man who can’t get the image of his naked, beautiful mother out of his mind; a middle-aged housewife who finds love again but has an impossible decision to make; a child so poor he has to hawk onions on Christmas day. The stories document the inescapable violence of life in Lagos as well as the power of human connection and the importance of joy.

Better Never Than Late charts the unconventional lives and love affairs of a group of Nigerian migrants, making their way in Belgium. The collection is centred around Prosperous and her husband Agu, and the various visitors who gather at their apartment each week. These interconnected stories explore their struggles and triumphs, from unhappy marriages (of convenience or otherwise), to the pain of homesickness, and the tragic paradox in longing to leave Nigeria so that you may one day return to it.

The magical tales in The Whispering Trees capture the essence of life, death and coincidence in Northern Nigeria. Myth and reality intertwine in stories featuring cat-eyed English witches, political agitators, newly-wedded widows, and the tormented whirlwind, Kyakkyawa. The two medicine men of Mazade battle against their egos, an epidemic and an enigmatic witch. And who is Okhiwo, whose arrival is heralded by a pair of little white butterflies?


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Toni Kan

Toni Kan is an award winning poet, essayist and short story writer. He is one of Nigeria’s most anthologised young poets and short story writers. Author of the critically acclaimed poetry collection When a Dream Lingers Too Long and the novella Ballad of Rage, his works have appeared in Salthill, Drum Voices, Revue, Farafina, Sentinel Poetry Quarterly and ANA Review.

*Razak urges Sanwo-Olu to fix deplorable roads (Sun) *Children’s Day: NUT bemoans worsening state of public primary schools (Punch)

Regret ke! I have no regrets about using my parents for ritual

Let me tell you about the rain that dropped a roof on our brother

Chika Unigwe is a Nigerian writer and author of four novels. She earned a PhD from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, for her dissertation entitled “In the Shadow of Ala: Igbo Women Writing as an Act of Righting”. Chika has received a number of awards for her writing, including the 2012 NLNG Prize for Literature, for her novel On Black Sisters’ Street. She is the recipient of a number of fellowships, including the 2014 Sylt Fellowship for African Writers. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

LOL. Head ... for carrying load 🙂
Enugu Metropolitan Network @The042Network
One of the many reasons we need to revise our curriculum.

We must Fix our schools, that means the buildings, the materials, the personnel. ENSG, ENSUBEB, it's all hands on deck.

Anyi ana emekwa ofuma this Saturday?

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim is a Nigerian writer and journalist. Ibrahim has won the BBC African Performance Prize and the Amatu Braide Prize for Prose. He is a Gabriel Garcia Marquez Fellow (2013) and a Civitella Ranieri Fellow (2015). He was listed by the Hay Festival in the Africa39 list of the most promising sub-Sahara African writers under the age of 40. He judged the Writivism Short Story Prize in 2014 and was a judge for the Short Story Day Africa Prize and the Etisalat Flash Fiction Prize in 2015. His debut novel Season of Crimson Blossoms won the NLNG Prize for Literature 2016.

When we took this photo 2 yrs ago in NY, with Binyavanga still recovering from his stroke, his speech was slurred and he wasn't his usual bustly self, but you could see he was trying. Sad to lose such a phenomenal person. This photo, already special, takes on another significance

Finally, Nigeria is doing something about its plastic waste problem. One of the best laws these house has made.