Aliyyah Learns a New Dance

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Aliyyah is thrilled to be representing Nigeria at the African regional dance competition. But will she ever learn all the moves? With her brother Ashraf’s help, Aliyyah practices her claps and twirls to compete first in Tanzania, and then in Sweden, where she meets other girls from many other countries.

This exciting story highlights the Millennium Development Goal of developing global partnerships.

Author: Fatima Akilu | ISBN: 978 9784894395 | No of Pages: 32 |  Publication Date: 2008

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Categories : Children

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Fatima Akilu is a Forensic Psychologist specializing in the treatment of offenders with developmental and psychiatric disorders. She has lived on three continents, namely Europe, America and Africa working with the most vulnerable. In addition to writing children’s books, she has a weekly radio show where she discusses psychological issues.