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Support Our Pre-Order Campaign

Support Our Pre-Order Campaign

Help us reach 1000 pre-orders

Publishing is a risky business. The last few months have been challenging for us, especially with little or no revenue. As we continue to pay our staff and keep the work going, we have wondered several times if we will survive and if we do, how do we ensure that we not only survive, but thrive going forward?

In nearly 15 years, we’ve brought you some incredible and ground-breaking titles: Longthroat Memoirs, She Called me Women, Every Day for the Thief, The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives, Like a Mule Bring Ice Cream to the Sun, Born on a Tuesday, The Lazarus Effect, and many more.

To keep the wolves at bay, we need financial commitments from our readers who trust our curatorial judgement and want to invest in us so that we can continue to publish incredible titles and remain true to our mission to build a new body of African writing.

So, we have decided to launch a pre-order campaign for all our titles, and we need 1,000 pre-orders per title to generate enough excitement and get these books into as many hands as possible, and importantly, to underwrite our printing costs, and give us the kind of numbers we need to make a difference to our bottom line and keep publishing more books.



The first 500 people to pre-order will have their names included on the last page of the book

You will get the hardback edition a few weeks before publication date in a bespoke tote bag

You will be invited to an exclusive virtual publication event with the author(s)

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