A Mind to Silence
Lumbung Stories
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"Formation is not only a must-have for all Nigerians but also for everyone with a genuine interest in the West African country."
- Ijeoma Nwogwugwu, Arise News Channel

"An Unusual Grief is a tender and essential meditation on the inheritance of loss. Through one woman's grief, it illuminates bereavement and the contradiction that is love."
- Ayobami Adebayo, author, Stay With Me

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"While providing readers with vivid details of the exquisite Persian palace and the Shah’s opulent court, Princewill doesn’t hold back while narrating the lavish life within, including heterosexual and gay intimacies."
- Historical Novel Society

“The bright buoyancy of Guène’s voice, plus the humour and generosity make Men Don’t Cry a sophisticated and immediately entertaining read.”
– Bidisha, The Observer

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"Ngugi envisions a properly rooted literary tradition that encompasses the breadth and depth of African literature."
--World Literature Today

"puts Black women [womyn, womxn] where we know we belong, not at the margins of other people’s art … but at the helm of our own creative practice."
- Bernadine Evaristo, Booker Prize Winner, 2019

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This is a story about the places we run to in order to hide from our darkest deeds, and the unexpected salvation extended to us by a music with enough history to cover over a multitude of sins
- Eric Wainaina

"The Female Fear Factory travels through respectability and through shame, and is normalised through repetition so that we no longer recognise it for what it is, consequently taking it for granted as ‘life."
- Pumla Dineo Gqola

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  • Obioma

    £6.99 Pub Date November 22, 2022.


    8 year-old Obioma is a football star. She uses a special stick to score goals and never loses a race in her wheelchair! But when she moves to a new city, she has to go to a new school where she has no friends, and everyone calls her “the girl with the wheelchair”. Obioma misses playing football most of all, until one day a girl named Ayana asks her to race. Once they start playing football, everyone joins in and Obioma finds a new team to play with!

  • Female Fear Factory

    Patriarchy does not respect national boundaries. It is unabashedly promiscuous in its influences and tethers. Yet, it does use nationalism very productively.

    An empty street at night. A crowded bus. A lecture hall. All sites of female fear, instilled in women and those who have been constructed female, from an early age.

    Drawing on examples from around the world – from Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa to Saudi Arabia, the Americas and Europe, Gqola traces the construction and machinations of the female fear factory by exposing its lies, myths, and seductions. She shows how seemingly disparate effects, like driving bans, street harassment, and coercive professors, are the product of the ever-turning machinery of the female fear factory, and its use of fear as a tool of patriarchal subjugation and punishment.

    Female Fear Factory: Unravelling Patriarchy’s Cultures of Violence is a sobering account of patriarchal violence in the world, and a hopeful vision for the work of unapologetic feminist imaginative strategies across the globe.

    From £2,500.00
  • Unfinished Business

    Dead pastors. Corrupt government officials. And over 100 million dollars unaccounted for. Amaka is back in this electrifying third instalment in the Amaka Thrillers series.

    A frantic phone call interrupts Amaka Mbadiwe’s new life in London. A renowned pastor has been assassinated in his hotel room while one of her girls, Funke, hid naked and terrified inside a sofa. Amaka is headed back to Lagos, and to a new world of private jets, money-laundering and mega-churches. With her trusted ally Police Inspector Ibrahim out of the country, and the hostile Inspector Musa breathing down her neck, Amaka must race against the clock to rescue Funke and untangle this twisted web of religion, power and politics.

    With a punishing intensity, full of twists and turns, Unfinished Business oscillates with scandal, corruption and sleaze.

  • A Mind to Silence and Other Stories

    Includes the 2021 and 2022 shortlisted AKO Caine Prize stories as well as stories from the Caine Prize workshop

    A woman who carries her fate and that of her community in her hair is beguiled by the deceptive designs of Europeans out to colonise her most prized possession. A man finds happiness in the reincarnation of a lost love. A young woman risks her life for freedom through the cultural practice of a human loan scheme.

    Tales of sacrifice, love, freedom, self-discovery and loss fill the pages of this larger-than-life tapestry of stories from across Africa and its diaspora. Forged in a diversity of tempers and forms, these stories range from the epistolary to the experimental, from mysteries, noirs and political thrillers to speculative fiction and futurism, and much more. In prose that moves from visual and lyrical to gritty and visceral, these writers explore fate, memory, the fragility of love and the duplicitous nature of human interactions.