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We also offer GIFT MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTIONS (£50), which you can buy on behalf of a friend or relative. All books sent as part of a gift subscriptions will be gift-wrapped by hand!


Take out an annual subscription and we’ll send you 5 new fiction titles, embossed with a limited edition Cassava Republic stamp. Books are sent to any UK address one month ahead of official publication date. You’ll also receive:

You’ll also receive:

  • Priority booking on Cassava Republic author events
  • Cassava Republic membership card – granting 25% discount off all titles purchased on
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Support Writing from the African World:
We are committed to publishing the best stories from and by writers from the African World. The best way of supporting and celebrating more diverse voices, from Benin to Bahia, is to buy a Cassava Republic subscription.

Join the Cassava Community: Membership will give you priority booking on author events, and an invitation to the summer party where you can meet other like-minded literature-lovers… and even an author or two!

Receive books pre-publication: You’ll receive every book a month before official UK publication date, so you can be the first to read our exciting new fiction!

Own future classics: We pride ourselves on our ability to spot new talent – authors such as Teju Cole, Elnathan John and Lola Shoneyin were first published with Cassava Republic. You’ll be amongst the first to discover new authors and own first editions of future classics!

Member discount: Your membership entitles you to 25% off all Cassava Republic titles purchased from us directly on the website, allowing you to build up your library of Cassava Republic classics!


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